La Fornace

“A fusion between earth and grapes, preserved and handed down from father to son”

La Fornace is a small family-owned company, its origins are lost in history of civilization. They were our parents bought the farm where they had worked all his life as sharecroppers.

We, that his son and wife, we have continued to cultivate the land, with the help of our children. Today we produce, in small quantities, the wine Brunello di Montalcino DOCG wine Rosso di Montalcino DOC and, in the best vintages of Brunello Riserva DOCG With the pomace is distilled Grappa di Brunello.

Addition to the wine we have an excellent extra virgin olive oil IGP Toscano. Each of these products is taken care of with a wisdom that comes from direct knowledge of the earth, and with a passion that is renewed from generation to generation.
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Castiglion del Bosco

Castiglion del Bosco is located in the northwest of Montalcino, where the rocky, nutrient-poor soils are perfect for yielding wines of superb structure and complexity.

The estate's 1,800 hectares are largely occupied by dense woods of holm oak, oak, and beech, in addition to meadows, organically-farmed crops and 62 hectares of vineyard planted exclusively to Sangiovese. There are two completely distinct growing sections, each different as to aspect, soils, and weather conditions: the 20-hectare Gauggiole vineyard, just beneath the borgo, and Capanna, with 42 hectares.
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Designed to protect the integrity and richness of the grape, the winery employs state of the art technology, the result of revolutionary technical research and innovation.

And in this same philosophy, based on continual research, that a number of projects came to be on our estate, including the clonal study of Sangiovese, research on the composition and aging of wood for barrels – the great protagonist of aging wine – and the completion of our “Horizon” microvinification area, creating a winery within a winery. This project, entirely conceived and developed by and at Banfi, is made up of a series of expedient high level solutions undertaken to improve upon each phase of winemaking.

The tremendous undertaking for vinification is followed by a long silent rest in wood, where the great wines of Banfi, principally reds, evolve over the passage of time and refine their most distinctive characteristics of strength, elegance and longevity. More than 7000 customized barrels, laid out in orderly rows, and large casks make up the heart of Banfi, which beats in the silent and peaceful ambience surrounding our winery.
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Our farm is on the hills south of Siena, Etruscan land, one of the most beautiful landscape in the world, Heritage of Unesco, where nature and millenary art melt in exquisite harmony. We live on a stony hill above the Ombrone river with good drainage, high mineral content and a wonderful view. Year after year we have confirmation that it is “un vrai, grand terroir”. Our mentor was Henri Jayer from Burgundy with his strong beliefs: few hectares, wine made in the vineyard, no chemical fertilizers or pesticides, limited yields, further selection on the sorting table with removal of any unripe or moldy grapes, autochthonous yeasts, malolactic on the lees in new French barriques. Carlo Ferrini selected the land for the vines and the vine-stocks, the growth system and the height of the vines. François Bouchet initiated us to biodynamic, the simple and efficient biodynamic of the old gentleman farmer he was. And only when Giulio Gambelli, glass in hand, looks at us in silence and gives us the thumbs up, we bottle.

Thanks to these masters we hope to succeed in imbuing our wine with a memory, the landscape, a season, the story of our enchantment.
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Cava d'Onice

Our winery represents for us an ambitious project to propose the product we believe in. Our rich “terroir”, our home, are invaluable for us and as such, we want to keep them for our children. We work the land of Montalcino with passion and perseverance every day of every season, waiting with endless patience the fruit it generates. I believe in Brunello di Montalcino and I believe in the unique characteristics this wine can express. Despite our young age, we have constantly followed the process of Sangiovese in all its phases for several years by now, from early in the vineyard to the finished product. We have always done this work for other producers, sometimes even for friends, who have listened to our suggestions and advice, but we have never boasted of our capabilities, just for the love we have always felt for this variety and for which we do not want a different fate. Just for this evaluations, our individual passions and common ideals that we have decided to undertake our own journey, sure that our small contribution can be crucial to continue to convey what our land can produce.
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Villa Le Prata

Villa le Prata was built in 1860 by the Count De' Vecchi as a hunting lodge and later became the country residence of the Bishop of Montalcino. Professor Massimo Losappio with his wife Mairaluce bought Villa Le Prata in 1980, planted the first vineyard of one hectare near the house, at 500 meters above sea level, and started producing wine.

Later, the management of the winery passed to their daughter Benedetta who,with the help of the family, runs it to this day.

In 1997 a further two vineyards of Brunello were planted, one hectare below Castelnuovo Dell'Abate and another hectare below the Castello della Velona. Currently we produce Brunello di Montalcino, Rosso di Montalcino and a selection of Brunello di Montalcino called "Massimo", for a total of 18.000 bottles.
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Col d'Orcia

Col d’Orcia literally means the hill overlooking the Orcia River. The Orcia River marks the South West border of the Brunello di Montalcino territory and the name of the farm is intrinsically linked to the physical location were the vineyards are planted. It is the mission of Col d’Orcia to produce the best possible wines that the exceptional combination of soil and climate of this part of Montalcino can achieve.

At Col d’Orcia, for many years now, we have always ascribed high value to the natural environment in which we operate.

For this reason in the year 2010 we took the decision of submitting to the organic farming certification process in order to become the largest organic wine producing farm in the whole of Tuscany. Since August 27, 2010 the whole estate including vineyards, olive groves, other fields and even the gardens are farmed following exclusively organic agricultural practices.

We are very proud of this achievement and we can rightfully define Col d’Orcia as an organic island in Montalcino.
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Biondi Santi

The prestige of The Greppo dates back to the 19th Century, with the great wine culture of the family that owned this Estate, whose terroir has an extraordinary vocation for Sangiovese. Clemente began making wine using 100% Sangiovese and passed his wine knowledge to his nephew Ferruccio Biondi Santi, who, after the phyloxera came in the second half of ‘800, isolated a clone of Sangiovese that gave birth to wines of extraordinary longevity. In 1888, Ferruccio produced the first bottle of Brunello di Montalcino.

His son Tancredi, a wine maker with a remarkable reputation, typified Brunello, setting the guidelines for the production discipline and introducing it to the international market where it quickly received noteworthy recognition.

Franco, Tancredi’s son and trained enologist, worked closely with his father for decades, and he mastered the subtle art of making wine. Following strict, traditional methods of agronomy and cellar practices, he has steadfastly produced an incomparable collection of “Brunello Riserve” equal to the exceptional 100 year-old Brunellos of the past.
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La Serena

The farm “La Rasa”, property of Mantengoli's since 1933, is a family concern. We started with our quality wines, Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino in 1988. In 1988 my brother and I, became involved in the production of the quality wines, Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino. 100 years on from the first bottles of a pure Sangiovese, we are selling our first bottles of “La Serena”, the name we gave to cores our range of products. Production has increased significantly since 1988. We started with a first production of 2,700 bottles of Brunello.

This has been increased to 30,000 bottles. 1 hectar of vineyards has been extended to 8,5 hectares. The success experienced by the small azienda is a direct consequence of the attentive care that has been dedicated, most importantly, to the vineyard and wine-cellar.

The making of a high-quality products starts in the vineyard: with the collaboration of Ruggero Mazzilli we start to produce organic wines. Since 1997 we cooperate with the enologist Paolo Caciorgna in the cellar.

Over 70% of the products of “La Serena” are exported, while in Italy distribution is entrusted to various wine distributors, wine-shop and restaurant.
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The Fuligni Viscounts, a long-standing Venetian family, moved to England in the 14th century at the head of a troop of mercenaries at the service of Edward III. With the succession of the Absburg- Lorraine to the Grand Duchy, Luigi Fuligni was transferred to Tuscany as general of the new sovereignty and, around 1770, received an extensive concession of land in the Maremma from the Grand Duke, Pietro Leopoldo. Fuligni’s task was to see to the reclamation of the land as was the wish of the enlightened monarch. Giovanni Maria Fuligni settled in Montalcino at the beginning of 1900 and started to produce wine just as his family had previously done predominantly in the area around Scansano in the Maremma. The Fuligni Estate in Montalcino, directed by Maria Flora Fuligni consists of approximately 100 hectares of land at varying exposures to the sun. The vines, which extend over about ten hectares, are situated on the eastern part of the hill, a traditional area for Brunello. The cellars are located at Cottimelli (about three kilometers from Montalcino in the direction of Siena) in an original 18th century residence once the home of Medicean Grand Dukes. Wine tastings are also held on the premises in recently restored rooms which used to accommodate a small monastery of monks in the 16th century.
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Casanova di Neri

Casanova di Neri is the outcome of a process of productive and philosophical evolution, a new vision of Brunello di Montalcino that interprets tradition in a different innovative way. A profound commitment and respect for the land, a conviction that it is the lynchpin for the production of unique wines and that the care given in treating the grapes in the winery according to their varying characteristics is what we value most.

Founded in 1971 by Giovanni Neri who with his great vision and passion understood the huge potential of wine in the Montalcino territory, it was passed on to his son Giacomo in 1991. Casanova di Neri does in fact stand for the Casanova Estate of the Neri Family.

We believe that wines are the fruit of the vineyard and of man's labour.
The care and passion in working the land has to take into account the characteristics of the land, the microclimate and the variety so as to produce a unique distinct wine able to express its territory. For over forty years our evolution has been marked by careful targeted choices that have distinguished our estate and the wines we produce creating their own style.

A constant search for particular soils that exalt the quality and uniqueness of our wines and farming practices that respect the land and the vines are followed by attentive care in the making of the wine. Our wines are the fruit of exceptional combinations of soils and microclimates together with passionate and meticulous work enabling us to obtain constant results and to enhance the distinct features of the grapes throughout the different vintages.
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Terre Nere

Established in 1997, Terre Nere estate stretches across 15 hectars - of which 10 covered by "Sangiovese grosso" vineyards - in the territory of Castelnuovo dell'Abate, near the well known Sant'Antimo Abbey, on the south-eastern flank of the hill whose top hosts the Velona Castle. Woods all around, uncontaminated air and the daily whistle of a gentle wind coming down from the Amiata make the place ideal to grow vineyards.

Terre Nere "Brunello di Montalcino" and "Rosso di Montalcino" are the fruit of our vineyards, grown selectively according to the standards set by "Consorzio del Brunello di Montalcino".
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The character in the wine lies largely in the balance of two main factores: features that are typical of a given growing area; and those that distinguish a particular winery or estate. In many respects, the wines made by Elia Palazzesi at Collelceto embody characteristics that are common to Montalcino wines in general. First and foremost, the stature of the Sangiovese Grosso grape variety. But also the complexity of structure and aroma that derive from soils that vary to a remarkable degree, even within the same vineyard. The relatively dry climate also plays a role, with temperatures that range from cold winters to distinctly hot summers.

Yet there is a story behind the Collelceto estate that makes it quite unlike any other winery in the area. For a start, it's in an unusual location. When in the early 1900s the Palazzesi family purchased land southwest of Montalcino, the town itself was hardly on the wine map. In those days, anyone who managed to rise above the surrounding rural poverty did so by farming cereal crops and raising livestock. Of course people also made wine, but only for immediate family consumption.

For the agriculture he had in mind, Elia's great-grandfather had selected a property with soils rich in clay, mixed with some sandy components for good drainage, and a certain amount of a stony substratum. The terrain was 150-180 metres above sea level, gently sloping down towards the Ombrone riverbed, which acted as a conduit for warm winds blowing in from the coast. The wooded hillsides at the back of the farm provided protection from extreme weather conditions.

Nearly a century later, Elia realized that the natural phenomena his great-grandfather had identified as beneficial would also favour viticulture, especially organic grape growing. Back in 1985, his father had planted 2 hectares of vines, and between 1997 and 2000 Elia added five more.
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Today, the Argiano estate develops around the nucleus of buildings, extending across an area of about 125 hectares, occupied by vineyards, olive groves and woods.

Access to the estate is via roads marked by traces of flavours and dusts that date back centuries and which intersect unique atmospheres and panoramas: the peace of the countryside, with its characteristically slow pace, wide open spaces, ever-changing seasons and alternating colours, while man carries out his daily work with the utmost respect for the environment and for the elements of the landscape.

From the time of Ancient Rome to the present day, the Argiano estate has made the history of the territory of Montalcino, becoming one of its most prestigious and traditional elements, a valuable ambassador for its wines in the world and proud to have contributed to the birth of the Brunello Consortium.

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Altesino is a leader in various, important innovations in the production of Sangiovese from Montalcino, causing it to stand out and become a reference point for the entire territory.

Some of the positive contributions putting Montalcino on the world map are: the introduction of the "Cru" (Montosoli) concept in 1975, the first experiments with barriques in '79, the production in '77 of the first Grappa from a winery and the first Futures (purchasing wine before its release) for Brunello 1985.

Over the last forty years an intense relationship has been developed with the land full of history, with its almost sensual beauty that is physically perceived and its subtle charm that reaches the body and soul.
This is the philosophy that inspires Altesino to produce wine and maintain its culture.
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