In this section you will find a selection of only the best Brunellos the market has to offer!

Fabio Tassi, founder of this site, is born and raised in Montalcino, infact you might actually say that he is a Montalcino DOCG himself!

Fabio produces his own Brunello but he also has a very close relationship with many of the producers in Montalcino, which is why you will find an extensive selection of Brunellos on our site that you may not be able to find else where.

All Brunellos have been carefully selected, each representing it’s own story and terroir: many of the producers are small and family owned with many years of experience in wine making all of them being true to the traditions of wine production in Montalcino expressing the terrorir in their area.

In fact we have selected Brunellos from the different subzones in Montalcino (click here for further explanation of the sub-zones) in order to offer as wide a range a possible. On top of that we have even biological and biodynamic wines among the selection.

You will therefore be able to find the Brunello “tailormade” to perfectly match your taste, prefence and needs whether you prefer your Brunello young or aged, elegant, mineral or fruity!


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