Who we are?

The idea with/purpose of this site is to offer only the best wines to our clients. Founders Silvia Fertonani and Fabio Tassi, a passionate wine maker himself who creates limited production wines, decided to share their vast experience with you on brunellowineonline.

It is our philosophy that wine is not only a food but also culture and We will help you choose your wines!

On our site you will find recommendations, suggestions and monthly selections aiming at helping you to choose among our vast selection of Brunellos, but you will also find organic wines as well as biodynamic or rare wines, virtually impossible to find elsewhere.

You may also discover new wines, as our selection also includes selected top wines from other parts of Italy.

 Why choose us?

 We know there are many other site out there like ours, so how are we different?

  • By proposing our version of the well-stocked wine cellar we have already made the choise for you.
  • On our site you will find an expertly curated collection of incredible premium quality wines, primarily from Montalcino but also quality wines from other areas of Italy. All of them wines that have great brand equity, highly rated, and, needless to say, only the best top high quality.

Another integral difference that separates us from other sites is that we are looking for interaction with our customers. We want you to comment freely and leave your thoughts about the wines.

The richness of information content makes brunellowineonline.com a unique tool to explore the fabulous world of wine and what revolves around it in our blog, such as recipes matched to the different types of wine/ pairings with food, the latest ratings, information features and much more.


Commitment to Service

We understand that offering the customer high quality, excellent service is a way of life. Far removed from the impersonal practices so commonly encountered with online shopping, Brunellowineonline is a site focused on the wine consumer, and we are always at your service, to help you in any way we can.

Please contact us via phone or emai lfor wine recommendations, food and wine pairing suggestions for your upcoming dinner party, or to get answers to any general wine questions you might have.

Tina Glud, originally from Denmark, but after 8 years in Montalcino, she is almost Montalcinese! Tina has worked with wine in various Montalcino estates in this period and has acquired lots of experience in the wine field.

Valentina Mariotti, born and raised just outside Montalcino. Valentina is rather new to the wine world, but she has a very curious nature and is currently taking a tasting-course with ONAV. She is a fast learner, and we are confident that she will turn into quite the wine expert. 

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